Saturday, August 1, 2020

What Has Your Dog Learned?

My dogs have learned to take over my household. They make amazing messes with their meals. They let me know when they don't like the food (when it doesn't have canned mixed in) by throwing the bowls and pushing the food out of the bowl.

They have learned to wake me up by jumping on my bed when I'm in the deepest sleep and vocalizing to let me know they need outside. Of course sometimes it's just a drill, and they run out and play. That means I'll be woken up again later.

They have learned that when their rugs get dirty and are in the wash that it means pacing the house complaining because they can't sleep without the rugs. So they have learned to fix this by pulling any thing they can find onto the floor to use as a rug.

They have learned how to tell on each other. Mostly the youngest one. When the baby does anything wrong, the other two run to us immediatly. Which means they ditched him and still he never figures out how we know so fast.

The French Mastiff has learned how to push the lever on our water dispenser. Which resulted in 5 gallons of water being drained on the floor.

He can also stand at the kitchen counter and reach the water faucet. And the sink and anything in there. Which means no dirty dishes in the sink. So he has taught me to wash every dish immediately.

He also watched me watering the plants. Especially the bamboo. Since they sit in bowls of water he learned how to drink them so the bamboo would dry up. Which means he taught me he can reach every surface in my home.

Or mix has taught us over time that his place is in our bed at night. He conditioned us over two years of getting on the bed for short periods of time being careful to wait till we are asleep. Jumping off when we would wake. Not any more now he gets in the bed and pushes us apart all night so he can be in the middle.

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